Free Music Emoticons

These Music Emoticons are free for you to use on your MySpace profile, on Facebook, your blog, website or forum signature - in fact anywhere you like online!

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guitarplay5.gif guitarplay2.gif dancer.gif headphones2.gif violinplay2.gif ztrompette4.gif ztrompette3.gif harpplay1.gif dj10.gif flutist.gif woofer.gif zmassilia1.gif singing2.gif music1.gif note2.gif singing5.gif dj9.gif pianoplay2.gif record.gif radio.gif wesdorland02.gif drumsplay7.gif ztrompette2.gif mike.gif ztrompette5.gif headphones3.gif guitar.jpg violinplay3.gif violinplay4.gif headphones4.gif dancing1.gif guitarplay3.gif peter.gif dancing6.gif guitarplay4.gif redguitar.gif wesdorland03.gif drumsplay6.gif wesdorland04.gif trumpet2.gif