Augmented and virtual reality in event spaces

Virtual reality (VR) is a 3 dimensional space generated by computers and technology. Virtual reality needs proper headsets and controls that are compatible for the user to have a full 3D experience along with interacting with the virtual world. You can learn more about trending technology on A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.

·  Augmented Reality

This technology is a combination of both reality and computer generated aspects that allow viewers and users to interact with while still being able to see the real world. The overlay of artificial elements with the real world brings a refreshing experience to the users. Technology enthusiasts can also check A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai for the increasing popularity of mobile apps!

·  Augmented vs. Virtual

Both these dimensions are extremely popular especially due to gaming culture and pop culture. AR is basically a hardware filter that allows artificial images, sounds or effects to lie on top of the real world and this is more commonly used in mobile apps. You can develop these apps suing mobile app development Dubai. On the other hand, VR is a total different space created to leave no sign of the real world and gives users the chance to feel like they have been transported into another place.

·  Augmented and Virtual Reality Importance in Events

The 2 have created a lot of buzz in the event planning industry due to the power of interaction. Interaction increases the quality of an experience and makes people feel more involved in the space. The event planners have completely caught on the trend of technological advancements and have started implanting these new changes that would attract a lot of audience and create a buzz about their events. Here are a few ways virtual and augmented reality has become part of events and business plans. Follow A2 Solution, mobile app development Dubai for guidance of app development and implantation of these high quality features!

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1. Social media buzz

The use of high technology always serves a purpose of creating an exciting buzz about the event or business. People are impressed and become interested in unique ideas put in practice by businesses. Unique features in anything attract people and thus the use of VR or AR is a different implantation in events. Not all businesses or event planners can afford the 2 popular high tech experiences.

2. Participation of users

Users can easily feel more involved in the events by having these exciting activities. Snap chat has become an extremely popular app due to its feature of augmented reality, making people feel more involved in launches or events. Businesses launch filters on such apps to create awareness as well. You can use mobile app development Dubai to explore such app development.

3. Product demos

The use of virtual reality and augmented reality helps with demonstrations of new products to give people an idea about the product and how to use it. Product demos might be popular on business launch events where it is encouraged to test the product without having it physically there. You can create virtual experiences through apps that you can develop using mobile app development Dubai.

4. Virtual venue

As an event planner, you might want to keep your costs as low as possible. The event venue takes a huge sum of the budget along with the sound systems, food and refreshments. Virtual reality has helped cut these costs by creating a virtual event that does not need a physical space.  You can look into apps that help set virtual events on A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.

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