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Link building is a strategy used to get webpages to link to each other by gaining hyperlinks from other authoritative websites and applying them to your own website.  This process helps the users to easily navigate from different web pages over the internet. It can also help search engines crawl from page to page on your website. Different methods can be adopted for link building. If your company is based in London, outsourcing your link building activities to agencies like that specialise in link building services can help your brand rank higher in SERPs.

Why link building is important

  • Domain and page authority: Search engines mainly use two factors to determine the website to display, for the given keyword by a user. One is domain authority and the other one is page authority. If there are many relevant links that point to your domain, it can help the search engine determine your domain authority. Hence, if you have high quality and authoritative backlinks, the higher your domain authority would be. Also, there are better chances for your website to be displayed for related and relevant queries. The quality and quantity of inbound links are known as page authority.
  • Referral traffic: If you share your content on social media, you would be getting good website traffic. However, the content that gets published should be from a trustworthy source. When a user searches for something on a search engine, the search engine arranges the search results from most relevant and trustworthy sources. Therefore, when trustworthy websites are linked to your website with relevant content, users would click on the link and reach your website. In this way, you can gain a fairly good amount of traffic from those websites.
  • Brand visibility: Every time a guest post gets shared on a website, the chances of gaining brand visibility are much higher. Most websites always look for new content to attract visitors to the website. When your content gets shared on such websites, your brand gets advertised and that website is able to publish high quality content. Hence, implementing such a method is beneficial for both the brand as well as other websites.
  • Brand authority: Link building is a good way to help the brand establish its authority in the niche market. Creating and publishing fresh, high quality and engaging content is the key to make a brand stand out from the rest of the brands in a niche market. Readers are always looking out for fresh and engaging content. If a brand shares high quality content, the brand would be considered as an authority in the subject. This helps in building brand authority. When the content gets shared across various channels, the content gets exposed to new audiences. Getting the content published in other popular websites works in your favour as users feel that the content is valuable and trustworthy.
  • Long-term benefits: Investing in link building has long-term benefits. In traditional marketing tactics, you will have to constantly invest in all business campaigns. Gaining backlinks helps in gaining continuous traffic from referral sites until the link is valid. However, link building is an ongoing process and every link built contributes to the credibility of the website as well as the brand.
  • Better conversion rate: Many influencers belong to different industries that have a different set of audience. When the influencers share the content from your website, it is visible to a big audience. As the content gets shared by an influencer, most users would check the website. It can have a wide impact and a brand gets better reach.


Elements essential for successful link building:

  • Contextual links: Links on an authoritative page are more likely to be clicked; holds more value and can have the biggest impact on rankings of the website. Page rank is one of the methods a search engine uses to measure the value of a link. Contextual links are the ones that are placed in the body of a webpage’s content. They are higher quality links and can be the key to a successful strategy.
  • Editorially placed links: Such links are those that a third-party website adds. They take a decision to add a link from their website to yours, so that it benefits your website as well as theirs by increasing traffic and conversions. As a result, the website rankings also go higher. Editorially placed links are among the most effective ones. Search engines highlight such links and the remaining links that don’t fall under this category are considered unnatural.
  • Start local: Local SEO should be the starting point of successful link building strategy. When local businesses have good SEO, it can help your brand make an impact, locally. Thus, if a brand is looking for local presence, collaborating with local authoritative websites can create a huge impact and increase brand value. This would help in establishing a strong brand presence in the area. Creating local SEO backlinks would not be an issue as there are directories and registries where business owners can add their business information such as address, website, contact number and so on.
  • Invest in value-driven content: Driving links to the website’s landing page would help in boosting the page’s domain authority. But it cannot create much of an impact. Hence, before building links and guest posting, it’s always best to invest in SEO content creation – with emphasis on content that is fresh, clear and engaging. Audiences often lookout for engaging and new content. Having strong blog posts on your website allows you to create backlinks to articles that would direct to the sales page. However, when you link the content to popular blogs, make sure that the customers get what they are looking for. In other words, the content on the blog should match with the content you are linking from your website.
  • Fix broken links: If any page is deleted on your website, the inbound links that are directed to it would generate an error. The broken links can be easily identified with the help of certain tools available in the market. Once a broken link is identified in the website, such broken links can be redirected to new or relevant locations on your website. If you identify a broken link, make sure that it gets fixed.
  • Create engaging content: A black linking strategy would be successful only when value-driven and original content is created. When audiences come across the content, they should feel engaged and share the content with their networks. Without great content, it is difficult to boost page ranking.
  • Always ensure the back-linking strategy implemented is authentic. If backlinks are being purchased using a private blog or a network, the search engine may penalise the website for violating guidelines. There are no shortcuts for implementing a successful SEO strategy. The content should be worth sharing and it should be able to determine the authority of your website within the niche market.
  • If you keep creating engaging and high-quality content, it would be easy for you to establish your brand as authoritative in the niche market. It is always a good idea to outsource Link Building and SEO activities to agencies – leave it to the experts. There are various SEO as well as Link Building Packages United Kingdom available for brands at affordable rates in the UK. Try to know more about such agencies and find out why you should opt for a particular agency. Choose one that successfully performs White-Label SEO & link building activities.