Best Online Shops for Skin Care in Sweden

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Sweden, among other things, is known for the beauty of its people. The people are known for their smooth porcelain skin, height, and light-colored hair. Swedish reviews have opined that one of the reasons for their remarkable beauty and smooth skin is the beauty and skincare routines the people indulge in to maintain healthy and shiny skin.

Thus, beauty products are prevalent in the country. And since shopping online in Sweden is very active due to high-tech usage, it is common to see online skin care shops and apps thriving in the country. This article will focus on some of Sweden’s best online shops selling skin care. Find the list below.


Skincity is another online beauty brand operating in Sweden. The company was established in 2011, and its headquarter is in Taby, Uppsala Lan, Sweden. The company is an online clinic offering solutions, beauty and facial products and consultation with beauty experts.

Axel Johnson owns the company. However, the company was established by Mikael Kjellman and Annica Forsgren Kjellman. You can find some of this company’s activities on apps in Sweden, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Although with a strong Swedish base, the company also sells its products in other regions.

Kick is an online beauty and cosmetics brand in Sweden. The business was established in 1991, and its main base is in Solna, Sweden. The company is one of the foremost beauty companies in Sweden and other Scandinavian regions.

The company boasts experts that are proficient and experienced in the beauty industry. The company makes room for over 25,000 beauty products from about 300 brands. The company has private-label products and exclusive distribution rights on some brands. The online beauty store has over a thousand employees.


Nordicfeel is a great beauty and cosmetics brand founded in 2006. Its products include perfume, hair care, make-up, and skincare. The company is located in Vaxsjo, Sweden. The company was one of the earliest online beauty-based brands in the country. Outside Sweden, Nordicfeel has good patronage from the United Kingdom, Norway and other countries in the Scandinavian region.

The company has grown from its humble beginning, with only a few perfumes stored on a bookshelf, to the current capacity of more than 400 brands and 18,000 beauty products. The company also provides other items like heating equipment, home spa products, and accessories.


With more than 15,000 products, Bangerhead has established itself as one of Sweden’s online beauty, lifestyle and cosmetics brands. The business was established in 2008 and had its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The company delivers its products to countries in the Nordic region, Poland, and the Netherlands.


Online lifestyle, skincare, and beauty brands are prevalent in Sweden. Some are nationally focused, while others expand into other markets in the Nordic region and beyond. Also, some companies offer extensive products such as accessories, home spa products, and more. If you want to patronize a Sweden-based beauty brand, the ones mentioned above are among the best in the country.