Different iOS Apps That Can Help You Boost Your Creativity

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The pressure to generate a constant flow of new ideas overwhelms many designers and creative professionals often. To make this happen, one of the tricks could be getting yourself into regular creative practice and exploring different sources to find inspiration. Also, you can use different tools, practices, and apps to boost your creativity. You can further implement them into your life regularly and cultivate a lifestyle that can help you think creatively.

You can also add a bit of entertainment to life or take a break from work and do whatever you like. You never know where you can find your inspiration. For instance, if you want to take a break and watch a movie, you might come up with the idea of writing a movie review or writing about movies of your favorite star. To watch your favorite movies, you can use RCN TV and get a complete entertainment RCN Bundles Package for the entire family.

You can also download different apps and games that can help you boost your creativity and keep your mind fresh. If you are an iPhone user, you can use the following apps and boost your creativity:


The app can help you explore and get creative by having a look at the top-notch creative talent no matter where you are. You can come across millions of projects from different parts of the industry including Illustration, Graphic Design, Architecture, Fashion, and so on.

The platform has thousands of users who curate and share their creatives on their profiles. You can share your projects too and get feedback from members and professionals from the field. The app also lets you find live streams by leading artists and designers who share their techniques with people who want to learn and enhance their work.

App Store Rating: 4.7

Brainsparker Creativity Cards

If you feel stuck while working on a creative project, you might want to use Brainsparker Creativity Cards that can easily activate your imagination. It can also help you overcome creative blocks, and gets you some new and creative ideas to work on. All of this can be achieved using an easy-to-use application and innovative strategies.

The app works like a creativity coach that can help you enhance your skills for creative writing, product innovation, designing, photography, and other tasks/projects. The app is based on the neuroscience of “associative thinking” that can connect your memories and experience to generate new ideas. To trigger this, you need to get your brain out of routine thinking which can be done using random prompt cards offered in the app. Using Brainsparker Creativity Cards you will never come across a roadblock in your work.

App Store Rating: 4.6

Tayasui Sketches

This is a very beautiful tool that can help you make some amazing drawings and use a realistic drawing tool to get things done. The user-friendly and versatile sketching app offers a variety of tools and creates dazzling sketches, and outstanding illustrations no matter where you are. Apart from that, you can import photos, a wide range of ultra-realistic tools, realistic watercolor wet brushes, and other tools that can back up your drawings on the Cloud.

App Store Rating: 4.4


This is a powerful and simple tool that can help students, teachers, artists, and other professionals take notes and add more creativity to their work. You can also use the app to capture ideas and find your inspiration. There are so many tools that let you add text, use highlighter, audio, add photos, GIFs, and more. The best thing about the app is that your notes stay with you and do not require you to use paper to sketch whatever comes to your mind.

The app has a knack for finding something you’d find inspirational to follow and share with other users. If you are looking for a note, you can easily find them according to the topic or tag as defined by you. All of this and a lot more are offered by the app.

App Store Rating: 4.5


In the end, one can say that there are so many apps that can help you boost your creativity when you come across a creative block. You can download these apps from the App Store and Google Play easily and keep your notes and inspirations with you on the go.