Factors to consider while buying a smartphone

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Today smartphones have become more and more prevalent. Mobile phone technologies have evolved with time, and phone companies are launching more and more phones. Smartphones are increasingly becoming cheaper. However, it remains hard to find quality and durable smartphones. Discounts and impressive offers have continued to tempt people, leaving the questions, whether one should go for these attractive offers and what other factors other than cost should a person consider when buying a smartphone. This article offers some insights into the factors that should be considered while buying a smartphone.

1.Build quality

This should always be the main and most important factor to put into consideration when buying a smartphone. Smartphone bodies are made mostly of plastic or metals though some smartphone today are glass-covered. The build quality will determine how durable your smartphone will be. A smartphone with a metal casing will be more likely to withstand drops to the ground than a plastic one. Glass- casing will, on the other hand, hardly survive a drop. However, those who wish to go for a premium look of style finishing will find it in the glass-covered phones.



The processor will determine how your smartphone will perform. You should select a processor based on the use that you will need your smartphone for. If you need a smartphone for editing videos and pictures, it requires a strong processor such as the Qualcomm. To know how fast a processor is, always look at is processing speeds in GigaHertz (GHz), the higher this frequency is the quicker the processor. For uses such as playing online games or photo/video editing always go for faster processors. On the other hand, light applications don’t need faster processors.

3.The display resolution and size

Your usage should also determine the size of your display. A Screen size of 6.0 or 5.5 QHD or fullHD would be ideal for a person who loves streaming videos. This will help you enjoy a rich media experience while also having a portable device, with sharper and clearer pictures. Phones over 6.0 wouldn’t be that great as they are often bulky. For a person who is heavily involved in chats, checking emails and such like activities then a five-inch HD or full-HD screen will be appropriate.

As far as the display is concerned, two major types of displays exist; the LED and IPS display. However, the gap between the two is narrow and with time, it is becoming less evident.

4.Battery life.

The battery life of a phone will greatly determine how much you can use it before charging it. Typically for phones mostly used to watch videos and play games, then a 3500mAh battery would be perfect. For mild and light uses a 3000mAh battery will be adequate. Manufactures have greatly worked to improve the battery life of smartphones, and it Is possible to find smartphones with a capacity even of 400mAh in the market

The higher the mAh, the longer and better the battery life. Heavy internet usage has been attributed as one of the major drainers of batteries, and such users should go for higher mAh.


It is popular that the sole determiner of the quality of photos that a Phone captures is the megapixels. However, megapixels are not the only single factor determining quality; instead, there are also other factors involved. Megapixels only represent an image size, and as pixels increase, the images tend to get sharper on smaller screens. Other factors to look out for include ISO levels, cameras aperture and autofocus. A 13MP camera and above with an f/2.0 or lower aperture will be suitable for photography.

6.OS and user interface

Major considerations should be given to the OS and the User interface. Smartphones are used almost for anything from browsing to taking photos to listening to music. Thus, you should ensure that the smartphone you go for has a simple and easy to understand interface. Two major operating systems are available for smartphones, and these includes iOS and Android. If you go for the iOS you by default, get an Apple iPhone. All other manufacturers have installed Android OS on their devices. There are, however, several android variations. The latest android version is android 10, thus for a great experience, consider going for a smartphone with this android version.

In conclusion, with so many smartphones in the market, it can be daunting to choose the phone to go for. With this article, you need not worry as you have the features to look out for when going for a new phone. Make sure you use review sites such as Reviews Bird to know the experience that a certain phone model offers. Sites such as Affordable Mobiles can help you get affordable phones.