Web Hosting Specifications Every Business Needs

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When it comes to taking a business on the internet, the first thing you need to do is, register a domain name and buy a good web hosting plan. While selecting both make sure you get a good deal with all the needed features. Do not ever compromise on the service and web hosting parameters. This is because at one or another point you are going to need the advanced hosting features to run a website smoothly.

This article will explain which specification a web hosting plan must-have. As a newbie, you might know which web hosting plan to get and features to look for while buying one. So, get all your doubts clear with this article.

Before selecting any plan you need to first select a trusted and unlimited hosting partner. As per our experience, we suggest you choose the MilesWeb hosting as they provide a perfect blend of affordable web hosting and limitless features.


Web Hosting Specifications :

SSL certificate –

The SSL certificate protects website data during the transmission process. It encrypts the data so no hacker can leak your precious data while it is getting transferred between server and website. SSL certificate also improves the website ranking on search engine results by ranking a website on top.

MilesWeb offers a free SSL certificate with every web hosting UK plan.

SSD storage –

The importance of website speed can never be ignored. The site hosted on traditional HDD performs very slow as compared to site stored on SSD storage. That’s why always make sure that your website is hosted on a server with pure SSD storage that accelerates the site’s speed by 200% over HDD storage.

Latest Software –

The outdated software can degrade the performance of a site. It also becomes easy for hackers to peek into websites using outdated software. Thus, a hosting plan must offer the latest and updated PHP and MySQL with every account.

Website builder tool –

You never know, when you will need to build a website, and every time it is not possible to get it created from a developer. The website builder tool allows its users to create a full-fledged working website without any coding skills required. It is an easy to use tool that just needs a selection of theme. The tool provides hundreds o theme options from the various professional and all you have to do is select one that suits your need. After selecting a theme just drop your content into it, and that’s it, the website gets created.

Secure Email Accounts –

Every website and business must have its own email ids for every department. It increases the customer’s trust and also provides a professional touch to your business. MilesWeb provides quick and easy access to your email with secured POP3/IMAP. It allows users to access emails from anywhere at any time just with the help of webmail. The webmail gives you access to three of the webmail clients namely: Horde, SquirrelMail, and RoundCube.

1 click installer –

The 1 click installer i.e. Softaculous is a one-stop solution for all the applications that you ever will need for the website. It saves long hours required to install apps on your hosting accounts. MilesWeb incorporates Softaculous with every hosting plan that allows its users to install over 400 applications such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop, etc. in just a few clicks.

Datacenter choice –

We always advise people, to choose the datacenter location near to the online business. The short distance between website and datacenter helps the site to rank in the local area. It also reduces the traveling time of data and protects it from sudden bumps along its way.

Website protection –

Make sure the server on which your website is hosted gets scanned on a daily basis. This helps in keeping the malware away from a website. Even if one website gets hack the malware can easily be spread to other sites as well, thus tight protection is always needed at first priority.

These are some basic specifications that every website needs.

Conclusion :

It gets difficult to get all these specifications from one web hosting provider and it may confuse you in any way. Thus, we suggest going with MilesWeb that already provides all these features with 24/7 technical support and 99.95% uptime.